What is it?

Founded in 2008, GYMGUYZ has revolutionized the fitness industry by bringing the gym to the client. With a focus on individualized training, this franchise provides convenience, customized workouts, and creative engagement. Its offerings range from weight loss programs, body sculpting, to athletic conditioning, making it a suitable choice for a diverse clientele.

How much does it cost to open?

The initial investment for a GYMGUYZ franchise ranges from Low $66,000 to High $131,000. This includes the franchise fee, equipment costs, marketing materials, and other necessary expenses to commence the business. GYMGUYZ is eligible for financing through the SBA or other non traditional loans.

How does this business make money?

GYMGUYZ operates on a mobile fitness concept. Trainers, equipped with a van full of fitness equipment, visit clients at their preferred location. The business model focuses on providing personalized fitness plans, corporate fitness, virtual training, and group classes, generating revenue from these diverse streams.

How do you run this business?

Franchisees are expected to hire certified personal trainers who will travel to clients' locations. Operational processes include scheduling sessions, managing client relationships, marketing, and overseeing the trainers. A typical franchisee starts with one van and expands as the client base grows.

How does the franchise support you?

GYMGUYZ offers comprehensive support to its franchisees. This includes initial training, marketing assistance, ongoing support, and proprietary software systems for efficient business management. The brand also offers assistance in recruitment and operations, ensuring that franchisees can build their business effectively.

How are current locations doing?

GYMGUYZ has seen impressive growth over the years, with over 250 units in operation as of 2023. The demand for convenient, personalized fitness solutions continues to grow, making it a promising opportunity for potential franchisees.

More detailed financials of performance in the GYMGUYZ network are available in their item 19.

What do you do as an owner?

GYMGUYZ is a great franchise opportunity for individuals passionate about fitness and keen on offering a unique, personalized service. Prospective franchisees should have business acumen, management skills, and the desire to make a positive impact in their community.



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Why this brand instead of others?

Unlike traditional gym franchises, GYMGUYZ offers a unique mobile fitness concept that caters to the evolving consumer demands for convenience and personalization. The brand's strong support system, combined with a proven business model, sets it apart in the competitive fitness industry. The lower overhead costs due to the lack of a physical location is also a distinct financial advantage. Additionally, with a strong focus on community and lifestyle improvement, GYMGUYZ aligns with the values of many entrepreneurs seeking a rewarding, service-oriented business.