What is it?

Mighty Dog Roofing is an industry leader in roof replacement and repair, specializing in customer service, technology, and strong vendor partnerships. The company bridges multiple verticals, offering additional services such as siding, gutters, and windows. Endorsed by top manufacturers and distributors, Mighty Dog Roofing is on track to become the only national roofing company in the United States.

How much does it cost to open?

The investment range for a Mighty Dog Roofing franchise is between $232,385 and $363,185, with a required net worth of $500,000 and liquid capital of $100,000. Franchise fees vary depending on the number of units and owner-occupied homes in the territory.

How does this business make money?

Mighty Dog Roofing offers a scalable and recession-resistant business model that caters to both direct-to-consumer and insurance work. With multiple service lines and additional streams of income, franchisees have the opportunity to grow their businesses rapidly. The unsophisticated competition and the large average ticket size for home projects contribute to the high-margin potential of this franchise opportunity.

How do you run this business?

Franchisees can operate as either owner-operators or semi-absentee owners. Owner-operators primarily focus on driving sales, tracking and influencing KPIs, recruiting contractors, and ensuring excellent customer service. Semi-absentee owners concentrate on talent acquisition, networking, forecasting, and KPI management. The franchise requires two employees for sales and production and operates out of a flex commercial space.

How does the franchise support you?

Mighty Dog Roofing offers comprehensive training and ongoing support to its franchisees. This includes a 60-day virtual training program through Mighty University, a 4-5 day in-person training session in Omaha, NE, a dedicated regional franchise success coach, and a marketing manager for digital marketing efforts. Additional support includes an in-house insurance claims and supplementation team, a subcontractor recruiting department, and a talent acquisition team.

How are current locations doing?

Mighty Dog Roofing franchises have an average gross sales of $1,807,964.95, with revenue and EBITDA percentages of $407,981.12 (22.56%). The company's performance is backed by its innovative technology, comprehensive support, and strong vendor partnerships.

Mighty Dog Roofing has more detailed financials in their item 19 in their franchise disclosure document (FDD).

What do you do as an owner?

Mighty Dog Roofing is looking for franchisees with an optimistic personality, a strong focus on customer service, sales and marketing experience, and the ability to build and manage a small sales team. No industry experience is preferred. The franchise opportunity offers semi-absentee ownership and is suitable for E2/Visa candidates. It is an ideal opportunity for individuals seeking to enter the roofing market and build a successful, scalable business.



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