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Have you ever thought about owning a business in the fitness and wellness industry? If so, you're in the right place! At Francademy, we specialize in helping people just like you find the best opportunities in this exciting field. Our team isn't just knowledgeable; we've held executive roles and managed locations in top fitness brands. This experience means we know what makes a franchise successful, as well as which ones might not be the best choice.

Making a big life decision like business ownership shouldn't be done alone or without exploring all your options. That's where we come in. We offer expert guidance to make sure you're looking at the right opportunities and doing the necessary homework on them.

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Brand Vetting

Through our meticulous evaluation process, we sift through thousands of franchises, focusing on those with strong economics, established systems, and high franchisee satisfaction. Our proprietary scoring system effectively filters out under performing brands, ensuring we present you with the most promising and suitable franchise opportunities available.

Expert Advisors

Looking to explore the best franchise opportunities? We'll pair you with a seasoned Franchise Advisor who will work closely with you to fully understand your needs, align you with our leading brands, and provide comprehensive, step-by-step guidance. Our advisors possess the expertise necessary to help you confidently navigate the franchising landscape, avoid common pitfalls, and make a smart, informed investment for your future.

Francademy 5

Embark on your franchising journey with ease using Francademy 5 – our comprehensive, five-step system designed to guide you from your initial call all the way to signing your franchise agreement and beyond. Beginning with a deep understanding of your goals and culminating in asuccessful franchise selection, your Advisor will be there to support you a teach stage, ensuring a seamless and well-informed transition into franchise ownership.

Tailored Franchise Matching

Find your ideal franchise with Francademy's specialized guidance. We expertly navigate all key factors, ensuring a safe choice that aligns seamlessly with your goals and financial aspirations.

Budget Considerations

We align franchise options with your financial capacity, ensuring each choice is a comfortable and manageable investment for you.

Strong Business Model

We choose franchises with a track record of operational excellence, ensuring smooth management and scalable growth.

Market Availability

We find franchises well-suited to your local market and available in your area, ensuring a good fit with potential for market success.

Growth Potential

We concentrate on franchises demonstrating significant room for growth, offering you opportunities for expansion and scalability.

Executive Business Model

Our portfolio includes franchises with proven semi-absentee models, allowing entrepreneurs to invest in businesses designed for efficient operation with minimal day-to-day involvement.

Great Support and Leadership

We connect you with franchises renowned for their exceptional leadership and comprehensive support systems, contributing to your success as a franchise.

how it works


Define Your Goals

Our initial step involves a detailed assessment of your goals, background, and skills. This crucial phase helps us personalize the franchise matching process and determine if franchising is the right path for you.


Matching Process

Over the next 2-3 weeks, our team engages in a personalized matching process. We present you with suitable franchise brands and start exploring these options with you to find a perfect fit for your aspirations and capabilities.


Franchise Evaluation

During the 4-6 week evaluation phase, you'll dive into comprehensive research on your selected brands with our support. This critical stage includes assessing financing options and engaging with current franchisees and executives, ensuring you gain a deep and clear understanding of each franchise opportunity.

Schedule 10 minute strategy call


Recurring Revenue Models
Benefit from a steady income stream with members on recurring memberships, ensuring a more predictable and stable financial base for your business.
Simple Business Model
These franchises typically offer one or a few services, leading to a straight forward business operation with minimal overhead and staffing requirements.
The business model is designed for growth, allowing you to start small and expand easily, whether through additional services, locations, or extended market reach.
Lifestyle Alignment
Owning a fitness and wellness franchise aligns with a health-conscious lifestyle, offering the satisfaction of promoting well-being while running a business that mirrors your personal values.

Satisfied Clients Share Their Experience

Satisfied Clients Share Their Experience

Scott Minton


We have worked with Joe for a couple years on expanding our franchise footprint. He has been very detailed and precise in helping us locate the correct territory and brand. His insight into market trends, growth projection sand overall franchise culture has allowed us to make confident decisions.

George G.

Club Pilates

Thanks to Joe's team, I found an opportunity that was a good fit for my skills and the time I have available to commit. They listened and tailored their advice, making sure I was on the right path.

Frequently asked question

Your journey into fitness and wellness franchising is unique, and you likely have questions. Below, we've compiled answers to some of the most common inquiries we receive. If you have more questions or need further clarification, we're just a message away!

How much does it cost to work with Francademy?
Working with Francademy is completely free for you. Our goal is to help you find the best franchise opportunity without any consulting fees.
Why would I work with a franchise consultant when I can research franchises on my own?
At Francademy, we evaluate thousands of franchises annually, selecting only those with strong performance, proven systems, and high franchisee satisfaction. Our unique scoring system helps us identify the best opportunities, saving you time and helping you avoid common pitfalls in the franchise selection process.
How much does opening a franchise cost?
The cost of opening a franchise varies, ranging from tens of thousands to several million dollars, depending on various factors like the brand and location. At Francademy, we assist in finding options within your budget and help research various financing and funding solutions that can cover a substantial part of the project.
How long does the process of finding and starting a franchise typically take?
For most individuals, the journey from start to finish typically spans 60-90 days. This timeline covers everything from initial franchise exploration, in-depth research, comprehensive due diligence, to the final selection and signing of a franchise agreement.
Do I need any previous business experience?
Previous business experience can be beneficial, but it is not always necessary. Many franchisors offer extensive training and support to ensure franchisees are well-prepared to operate their businesses successfully.

Find your perfect Fitness & Wellness Franchises today with our help

Our team carefully picks the best franchise options for you, using a detailed process that checks for success and satisfaction. Plus, with our expert advisors and a simple five-step system, we make finding the right franchise easier for you, and it's all free of charge.

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